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Mint Floral Short Set and Pink Patterned Short Set

Life with a strong-willed, fashion conscious school aged girl feels like a never ending fashion war.  Can anyone else relate?  Our ongoing battle started in Pre-K when she decided that jeans are for boys and therefore would only wear leggings from now on.  It didn’t matter that the jeans were pink or that I wore jeans, in her mind, jeans were for boys,,, but that’s a story for another day.

Buying clothes was, and still is, a constant challenge of the wills.  When she has decided that she doesn’t like something, there is no convincing or middle ground.  That means those clothing items will go missing as she finds more and more places where she can hide the offensive items.  The struggle became even more pronounced as she got older and the majority of styles that we found included crop tops and skinny jeans.  As I was not going to put my 6-7 year old little girl in those clothes and she was determined to wear them the standoff raged on.

Dream Shirt with Red Denim Jacket and Red Jeggings

I decided that since my choices were limited I would start my own brand where I could find the middle ground of clothing that was trendy enough to hold her attention but covered enough to make me comfortable purchasing the items.  Through this decision, Ivoree’s Closet was born.  Every item I select from rompers to dresses to short sets passes the test of my 8 year old boss after being filtered by me.  This endeavor is truly a family affair.

Browse our selection of carefully selected items.  Hopefully, they can ease some of the drama of any mini fashion wars you may be experiencing yourself.  Also, feel free to drop by the blog occasionally as I recount some of the battles that have been waged in my own fashion war.

Black Floral Off the Shoulder Romper

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