My Story

Ivoree's Closet was started out of a need that I saw in the children's clothing market.  I became frustrated by the fashion choices that were available for my daughter.  I was finding that the styles that were available for her were either the same from year to year or looked too old for her age.  For example, I was shopping for her at a well known store and found an outfit that was cute but seemed very familiar to me.  When I got home, I realized that the outfit was almost identical to one that she had outgrown the previous year.  I was also having issues finding clothing that was appropriate for a 6/7 year old.  Many of the styles that I found consisted of belly shirts and ripped pants that went so high I could almost see her underwear.  Dresses were no better because many of them were so short in the back that she couldn't play without exposing herself.

I struggled with shopping for clothing for a couple of years and figured I just had to deal with it and figure it out.  Then, the stores where I would purchase her clothing started closing.  I was forced to either drive a longer distance or to shop online in order to purchase clothing for her.  I knew that I could not be the only parent facing these issues.  This inspired me to start my own girl's clothing boutique, since I had to shop online anyway, where I could provide clothing that was on trend but still looked appropriate for little girls.  We have since expanded to include styles for boys.

The mission of Ivoree's Closet is to help parents find trendy, age-appropriate clothing for their little ones so that each child can find the mini style icon within.  I hope that you will join us on this journey!